Thank you for downloading my guide. If you are here it means just like you I was at one point looking to gain weight. Fast. Gaining healthy weight has many benefits such as your mental health, confidence and strength amongst plenty things but there is a darker side to it.

Many try to either gain weight in the wrong places or gain momentarily then plateau(No more weight gain). Many contributions to this are;


Imagine you pull up to a gas station to fill up your tank. First you accidentally press the diesel button then start filling, whiles filling, there is a hole in your gas tank thats leaking out more fuel than you insert so you stop filling the tank, go into your car and try to drive it. The car doesn't move so you complain gas stations don't work and your car is just not fillable. A wild analogy but that's most people's fitness journeys. Poor diet mixed with poor calorie tracking and a poor exercise regiment then when it doesn't work, complain their body just can't gain weight. According to the World Health Organization, less than about 0.1% of people have a medical condition impeding their weight gain, which means virtually everyone can gain weight if done right. But that's good news, that means your situation can definitely change for the better.


Hence the reason for creating this guide, when I found this method and it started working, I've wanted nothing more than to share with others in my shoes. It took me a while but I have put together everything I ate, drank and used to gain weight in this guide and made free what others would usually charge. I just want you to reach your goals like I did. Enjoy!

Please be careful of allergies & health issues, certain ingredients that may cause you issues and consult your doctor before taking action with information in the guide.

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